ROS Coding Retreat Proposal

After encountering my share of frustrations learnings ROS2 and breaking up with my girlfriend due to this activity, I am coming to the conclusion that coding in solitude is a pretty terrible experience!I want to develop robots for a better world( helping the health care system primarily) but the solitude of the coding experience is the hardest part! I therefore propose that we could team up and organize some kind of coding retreat! I am in Portugal at the moment and it’s a very nice place to be with affordable living! If anyone thinks as I do and is interested please let me know! Thank you!

Sounds like a good reason to get an employer to sponsor a Portuguese vacation immersive learning session.

I have always generally been in favor of working around other people, it definitely helps both in getting questions answers quickly and also holding yourself accountable. Without peers there, it’s pretty easy to just play Mario Wonder rather than studying hard robotics problems.

One thing I have participated in in the past are weekly “hack nights”, where like-minded people would get together and work on their projects in parallel, but in the same place. While this happened in a physical location, with the global ROS community, maybe it would make sense to do something like this via Discord’s voice/video chat system. In order to keep it productive, people would have to treat it seriously and not just as a Q&A session or office hours, though.


How about area specific hackathons, make it a world wide competition.

For me this is a hobby interest == out of my wallet, but it would worth a few PTO days to accelerate my knowledge because the cost of self education is so much more. I have spent many 10’s of hours single stepping thru type support code to gain knowledge of the internals, where the transfer of knowledge from someone who is in the know would probably take < 1hr.