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Ros-drivers/audio_common bug fixes

there are several bug fix PRs on ros-drivers/audio_common repository, but no one is responding.

I want someone to move forward these PRs.

I don’t know which team is maintaining this repository, but the repo is under ros-drivers organization, so I add drivers tag.


@knorth55 any interest in maintaining it? From glancing over your PRs and the repo, it looks awfully unmaintained. If this is important to you & you rely on it, you may consider petitioning for maintainership/admin on the repo.


@smac Yes, @k-okada and I are interested in maintaining the repository. Our robot system heavily relies on audio_common repo, so the maintenance quality of the repo is a big issue for us, too.

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@knorth55 good to point that out

I’ve opened an issue on the repository to see if the current maintainer is willing to share maintainership: . We’ll see what comes back.

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Sorry; I haven’t really had time to manage the bug reports or contributions to audio_common for a while. I’ve granted @k-okada and @knorth55 write access to this repository and so that they can do maintenance and releases.


Thanks for being responsive and granting access to other contributors!

@trainman419 @clalancette Thank you very much for giving access!

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