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Sharing the NNStraemer-ROS project

Hello, everyone.

I am one of the main developers who are involved in the NNStreamer project.

Recently, we have some internal requests for converting the ROS/ROS2 messages to the NNStreamer pipeline (or vice versa) so that we have launched the NNStreamer-ROS project for it.

Any feedback would be welcomed and please check them out if you want to use NNStremer/NNStreamer-ROS in your project.

Q: Could you share how can I make a ROS project official such as audio_common with me? It would be great if nnstreamer-ros is released via as the other ROS projects do (e.g., audio_common).



Hi wooksong,

Those projects look fantastic!

I’ve been working on a general purpose bridge to stream ROS2 topics in and out of GStreamer
It’s a little rough at the moment, but you might find it useful

I’d love to compare notes

@wooksong, funny enough, it’s my job to help you do that. Please shoot me an email: and I can provide you with my docs. I’m your open-source counter-part at Samsung Research and Samsung’s ROS community representative :slight_smile: .