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ROS Telescope project


I am newbie in ROS and I am thinking of using ROS as a basis for building a robotic telescope but there is a question about the reference frames that I would like to know the opinion of the experts.

A telescope points celestial objects tipicaly using equatorial coordinates. Other coordinates are also used such as horizontal, ecliptic or galactic or in general any of the celestial coordinate systems

I know al the transformations between this coords systems but I am very confuse how to match to the ROS reference frames (earth, map, odom…) What is the best way to implement this reference frames in ROS?

Thank you in advance

There’s documentation on the recommended way to connect those coordinate frames in REP 105 The default is to use an Earth Centered Earth Fixed frame.

As you make progress on your project it would be great for you to share it back here. However in the future for questions please ask them on it’s a better location for asking questions and finding solutions.