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ROS2 For Unity has just released ROS2 For Unity, a solution to connect Unity3D simulations with ROS2 ecosystem. It is now open-source under Apache 2.0 license. You can read about it in our blog post.

While there are some other bridging solutions available, ROS2 For Unity is meant for users who care about performance and high-speed simulation , especially with large data throughputs which are usual in automotive simulations.

It runs on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 and we tested it with Unity 2021.1.7f1. Both Foxy and Galactic are supported. You can start with one of our prepared releases, which can be easily imported as a Unity Asset.

For Windows 10, you have all the dependencies included so it will work on a machine without ros2 installation (e.g. in a distributed simulation - stack architecture).


This is cool. Can you provide a Dockerfile for Ubuntu users?

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We do not have a dockerfile yet, but it should be easy enough to cook up following the instructions in readme (already there as a batch of commands):

This is of course for building it yourself. Using a released package on Ubuntu with ros2 installation is straightforward.

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Thanks for adding an issue for it.

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Very nice. I myself use Vortex DDS from Advantech with Unity3D to communicate with ROS. I am in the process of releasing this open source too.

Question: Do you support ROS services and actions too from within Unity3D? I browsed a bit through your code but could not see examples of that, only of pub and sub of topics (mind you, it is 0:50 already, I might have missed it )

Not yet, though services are rather straightforward and it is a matter of hitting our first use case that needs them. I didn’t look into actions yet.