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ROS2 Navigation's Tiny Ticket Sprint [Reward for winning!]

Hi everyone,

If you don’t know me I’m Steve, I’m a maintainer/developer on ROS2 Navigation and avid Tiny Ticket enthusiast. If you ever have a few minutes, just find some tiny ticket somewhere and crush it. It feels good, you learn a new skill, and you fix something that otherwise may have just sat around for years.

In that spirit, and in the spirit of community, I introduced the Navigation working group to my Tiny Ticket Sprint competition that I would love you to compete in!

The rules are simple. There is a milestone of Tiny Tickets, and for each that you crush, you’ll be given a point. The winner with the most points will be awarded a minimum of one (1) beer at ROSCon 2019 at an establishment of your choosing with yours truly and probably other members of the Navigation community and the right to inject one (1) (appropriate) graphic into my ROSCon 2019 presentation that I’ll have to try to tie in. The deadline is midnight Friday October 18th PST.

The milestone is here:

The rules are laid out in the description. If we start running out of tickets, or need to expand to other related repositories in the Navigation ecosystem so be it.

Happy hunting!


The first (and last) week of the Tiny Ticket Sprint is upon us.

2 users are on the scoreboard with one point each with 2 more users working on patches as we speak.

Lets crush some more tickets!

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Only TWO MORE DAYS in the Tiny Ticket Sprint!

The scoreboard is looking good with
shivaang12 with 3 points
orduno with 1 point
mattcenoo with 1 point

If anyone else is interested in pitching in, now’s the time!

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Last day, get your PRs in before midnight!

shivaang12 with 3 points
orduno with 2 point
mattcenoo with 1 point
mkhansen-intel with 1 point

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@shivaang12 is the winner of the tiny ticket sprint closing out 4 tiny tickets, and may select a graphic that I will place in my ROSCon presentation in China next week!

Overall, I’d call this a success! We got pull requests from 3 users that have never before submitted a request to navigation, closed out 8 tickets with another 2-3 tickets with PRs pending to close, out of the 24 total tickets. From the original number of tickets when we started, that represents a nearly 10% drop in tickets as a result of this effort and only 1 of those tickets did I have a hand in.

I’d love peoples’ feedback on this ad-hoc project and if we like it, hate it, want to continue with some sort of week-prior-to-ROSCon navigation-based competition.

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@smac How about this simple meme?3ejzut

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