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Running ROS2 from the web browser based bash terminal

Hi all,

I am re-kicking off an initiative to create an affordable and simple to build robot kit to learn ROS2 and robotics.

Some of you may know my past efforts as ROSbots.

(Update March 6, 2020 - to avoid trademark issues with ROS, I did another rename from ROSbots to ROSdroid to, 3 times a charm, Hadabot. Will change the post below to reflect the name change. Apologies to Open Robotics for unintentionally hijacking the name!)

I actually changed the name to Hadabot for a number of reasons. Long live Hadabot!

The new Hadabot kit and software stack, solely targeting ROS2, is still very much a work-in-progress. But I want to start updating the community about my efforts to elicit feedback and interest.

One core Hadabot feature is the ability to use the web browser as the primary user interface to ROS2 and the physical Hadabot. I put together a docker stack that allows you to run ROS2 from a web based bash terminal. The blog post describes how to get up and running and also explains a bit behind my rationale for this approach.

As usual comments, feedback, encouragement (discouragement) welcomed!

Jack “the Hadabot Maker”