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Hadabot: ROS 2 Nav2 on AWS RoboMaker controlling our ESP32 robot

Hi All,

First off - for those unfamiliar with my Hadabot effort - Hadabot is a low-cost robot kit for software engineers, students, hobbyists, and makers to learn ROS 2 and robotics.

The Hadabot ROS 2 Nav2 software stack is designed to run from a number of Docker containers on a local laptop/computer.

With guidance from @Cam_Buscaron and @mkhansen, we got the same stack running off of AWS RoboMaker with ROS 2 Foxy.

The details will be presented at ROS World 2021 (via the “ESP32 microcontroller robot with Navigation 2 ROS 2 running in the Cloud” talk), as well as published in a detailed blog post in the upcoming weeks.

But in the meantime, we published a “quickie” blog post welcoming readers to follow the README to run the AWS RoboMaker ROS 2 Nav2 demo for your own ESP32 Hadabot robot kit, preview our source code, and more importantly… ooo-n-ahh over the video demonstration.

As usual, we always welcome you to learn / stay in touch with Hadabot:

  1. Purchase a Hadabot kit .
  2. Sign up to our email list to stay in touch via the Stay in Touch button.

I’m also looking to work with CS / robotics professors to put together a more structured robotics syllabus using the Hadabot kit. If you are a professor and/or know of one who’s interested in a low-cost kit for their classroom, would love to connect!

As usual, love to hear feedback, suggestions, encouragements (discouragements).

Thanks and happy building!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”


Have you thought about using the ESP32 in Hadabot with micro-ROS?

Hi @mamerlan - good question. Yes - I have thought about micro-ROS. There are a couple of reasons why I ended up using the ros2-web bridge as the “agent” system.

I will talk about why / why-not micro-ROS in my ROS World talk.

But I’m always open to re-evaluating.

Is there a reason you ask? Maybe I can address more directly. Feel free to reach out via email as well - jack AT

Thanks Jack

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Looking forward to your ROS World talk :slight_smile:

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