Success: ROS2 Humble Hawksbill GoPiGo3 Robot in 1 hour

Success this week bringing my Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB ROS2 GoPiGo3 robot Dave up on Humble Hawksbill and Ubuntu Server 22.04 Server Jammy Jellyfish. Got the complete headless install process down to 1 hour from raw SDcard to teleop controlling the ROS2 GoPiGo3 robot around.

ROS2 GoPiGo3 Robot Dave:


(BTW, If you already have a Pi4 or Pi3B+ board, the GoPiGo3 Core robot kit is available from the manufacturer for $129 - rechargeable battery and charger included:

My complete headless install steps, scripts, and ROS2 GoPiGo3 node are at:

I don’t work for the manufacturer. I just want more “ROS2 GoPiGo3 Robot” friends to learn and share with.