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Time and Data Synchronization & Calibrations between Camera, LiDAR and Radar

Hi. I am working on large heavy vehicles off-road in industrial environments. The sensors that were employed at our initial stage of experiment are FalconIQ IP RGB Camera, Velodyne VLP-32C LiDAR sensor and SmartMicro UMRR T-153 Automotive Radar sensor. These sensors are arranged in a parallel.

I am new to this and would like to seek some advice and/or pointers on how to acquire data synchronously from three sensors together for object detection as well as time synchronization issue. Is there any available open-source ROS packages that I could refer to?

I would also like to seek advice on calibrating three sensors together as I read some articles that sensor calibration is an important step before going into data acquisition. I would also like to seek advice on how could I project / visualize pointclouds from lidar and radar on camera visualization.

Your help are much appreciated. Many Thanks.

Thanks for your question. However we ask that you please ask questions on following our support guidelines:

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