Warehouse Automation with ROS 2 - ROS Developers OpenClass #192

Hi ROS Community,

Join our next ROS Developers Open Class to learn about Warehouse Automation, which is crucial in the present for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring accuracy in inventory management, and will become even more vital in the future as the demand for faster fulfillment and scalability increases due to the growth of e-commerce and the need for resilient supply chains.

We’ll learn how to combine Perception and Grasping techniques to explore warehouse automation with ROS 2.

This free class welcomes everyone and includes a practical ROS project with code and simulation. Alberto Ezquerro, a skilled robotics developer and head of robotics education at The Construct, will guide this live session.

What you’ll learn:

Combining Perception and Grasping for Automation: Develop skills to seamlessly integrate perception and grasping techniques to create advanced robotic solutions that can autonomously detect, pick, and place objects in a warehouse environment.

The robot we’ll use in this class:

Simulated & Real BotBox

How to join:

Save the link below to watch the live session on 2024-06-10T22:00:00Z2024-06-10T22:00:00Z CEST: https://bit.ly/3RgofKO


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