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What would you include in a dream shop to prototype electronics side of ROS platforms?

Hello, I am working to build a dream shop for prototyping a ROS-based robotics platform. Thus far, I have quite a bit of mechanical tooling (shop pic here - Bridgeport Mill with Easson ES-12C DRO, Hardinge DV59 Lathe, Miller 211 MIG, Miller 180 TIG, Hypertherm Powermax45 Plasma cutter) . Now, I am trying to build out the electronics prototyping side so that our team can have anything needed on hand to wire up things like the Raspberry Pi 3 to motor controllers and encoders, repair things on the fly, etc.

What must have tools would you have in your dream shop for wiring robotics platforms?

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Hi there,

Your mech shop looks great! For a prototyping electronics shop I would make sure to have:

  1. A good soldering station, Weller makes great ones. Make sure to get solder and flux too
  2. A heat gun to apply shrink wrap, etc
  3. Wires and shrink wrap
  4. Header pin crimpable connectors
  5. The crimper for those connectors
  6. A logic analyzer, saleae makes great ones
  7. An O-Scope, there are tons but they vary a lot in price
  8. Anti-static mats
  9. Nice multimeters

Good luck to you and your team

A solid workstation with a CAD program that can export to both URDF and a 3D printer.

All super helpful, thanks!

Here is what we have thus far:

This is late, but I would have many different gauges of wire and many different types of connectors. I’m just an individual making things in my motorhome and I always seem to have to pause a project to order the right connector.

USB cables to connect to computers for programming.

And, of course, a few computers with nice monitors for both using the CAD programs and analyzing data from the robots.

A good internal WiFi network.

I agree about a couple good soldering stations. You might also want a hot-air rework station. I would suggest that you do not get cheap stations. It may seem wasteful to spend hundreds of dollars on a soldering station, but I’ve never regretted it.

Magnetic mats or boxes with many compartments for storing screws that you take out of devices and want to put back without losing any.

Standoffs so that you can install boards onto your robots.