Andino - Different ways to run integration tests for your robot

Howdy! I’m happy to share with you andino_integration_tests, an open-source demo project that shows different ways in which you can configure integration tests using simulation (Gazebo only, for now – more to come :muscle:) and run it on GitHub Actions or powered by AWS RoboMaker simulation jobs.

This work is part of the Andino ecosystem powered by Ekumen – if you missed Andino’s release check out the original post here :robot:

The repository focuses mostly on showing how a developer or a team could configure simulated tests and run them using the free tier of GitHub Actions (you may find some compromises in the tests for low resource computing units) or a fully fleshed architecture powered by AWS for this purpose. We provide tooling to build and label docker images that will help to trace back to specific commits and build numbers when introspecting test results. You can even set a threshold of passed test over the total test collection. Finally, cloud resources tear down is also implemented to keep costs controlled.

We hope as the project continues to evolve to include other simulators, modes of execution in AWS RoboMaker and increase the integration test coverage. We are really interested in knowing more about different experiences, issues and difficulties you’ve found running projects like this one. We would like to concentrate some variate of use cases within the same repo.

To sum up, the tl;dr; links you are looking for:

:package: andino_integration_tests repository

:package: andino repository

Thanks in advance for your feedback!