Andino Webots simulation using ROS 2

:lady_beetle: Andino Webots Simulation

Hi everyone!!
I’m excited to share “andino_webots” with you.

Andino_webots is an open-source package that offers a Webots simulation integrated with ROS 2, specifically designed for the educational diff-drive robot Andino, developed by Ekumen. The bridge with ROS2 is facilitated by the webots_ros2 package.

This package is a demonstration of how urdf2webots tool can be leveraged to empower ROS 2 integration in the simulator. By this means, the robot’s URDF description is dynamically converted at runtime into a Webots-compatible PROTO robot and embedded into the simulation, so there is no need to maintain two sources of truth!

The repository provides a ROS 2 interface for Andino’s sensors and motors, exposing their readings and enabling teleoperation through velocity commands, and it’s designed to be run effortlessly right out of the box.

The motivation behind this project aligns perfectly with Andino’s vision, providing a user-friendly tool for aspiring developers to dive into robotics simulation, particularly within the accessible environment of Webots.

Join us in exploring and experimenting with Andino!

:package: Andino robot repo: GitHub - Ekumen-OS/andino: Open-source diff drive robot ROS 2 compatible

:package: Andino Webots repo: GitHub - Ekumen-OS/andino_webots: Webots simulation of the Andino robot fully integrated with ROS 2


Just an FYI: most of the Andino packages are now available as binaries in ROS 2 Humble

Congratulations to the Ekumen team and everyone who made the Andino possible! :tada:

Good work all around! It sure looks like it was a fantastic team effort.