Annnnd Blast Off for Open Navigation LLC!

Hi all,

It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator following up for the final time to announce the launch of Open Navigation LLC! My answer to how ensure the long-term sustainability, stability, and success of not only Nav2, but the strong open-source community that we’ve worked so hard to build over the last 6 years.

Open Navigation is launching today with the support of amazing and industry leading sponsors Dexory, Polymath Robotics, Stereolabs, and to bring a new era in openly available mobile robotics technologies. Together, we’re starting a new chapter in the robotics world to support the Nav2 and ROS mobile robotics community sustainably for the long-term future. We prioritize Community over profit, Quality over expediency, and Capability to drive the industry forward.

Nav2 is the standard and go-to solution for mobile robotics and its long due time for it to have a home of its own. Open Navigation’s core mission is to nurture and grow the user community while providing hands-on support to professional users that require it. All continuing to be permissive, open-source, and easy to use.

I cannot thank our sponsors enough and for their support for not only Open Navigation LLC, but the idea of openness and navigation that is our bedrock mission. Powered by Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigators, but brought to you by #Dexory, #PolymathRobotics, and #Stereolabs.

You can learn more at our blog post on our newly launched website below:

If you want to learn even more, partner with us, or see what we can offer, please check out our website,

If you want to keep up with us, consider following us on LinkedIn.


Way to go Steve ,congratulations :tada::tada::tada:.This is a great news and also , thanks for all you do.


Congrats Steve, best of luck with this new endeavor!

Congrats @smac ! Definitely filling a large hole in the ROS and mobile robotics ecosystem.

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