ROS News for the Week of May 29th 2023

ROS News for the Week of May 29th 2023

This week @smac announced the launch of Open Navigation LLC. This new organization will help fund the development of Nav2. Please see the discourse discussion and consider supporting Steve’s new endeavor.

It was ICRA this week. @clalancette and @mabelzhang were at ICRA to present their workshop, “All About ROS 2 & Gazebo Tutorial.” The source materials for the workshop are now available. Our own @caguero also gave a talk about robot architecture at ICRA.

This week also included the 2023 Simulated Humanoid Robot Wrestling Competition , the 2023 F1/Tenth races and an announcement from Marc Raibert that there is a ROS 2 interface for Spot!

What was your favorite thing at ICRA this year? Feel free to post your favorite papers, photos, and videos in this thread.

This week saw the launch of open source Vizanti web visualizer and mission planner for ROS

:rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag: Happy Pride! It is a good time to remind everyone that ROSCon diversity scholarship applications due June 11th,. Please consider sponsoring ROSCon 2023, and in particular our diversity scholars program

Notice anything new about ROS Discourse? This week Discourse pushed a system update that makes Discourse respect your system dark mode settings. :sunglasses:




ROS Answers Questions

No ROS questions this week. Please read our post about the Stack Exchange migration and take action.


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