Integrating ROS2 into quadruped home robot

We developed a quadruped robot using ros2(galactic). The full option version focuses on smart home features, and the developer version invites you to contribute ideas and together develop the robot’s features through github. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the developer version.





Hi @macroact,

Cool project! It would be really helpful if you could post a link to the project’s website and source code. A description of the features and specifications wouldn’t hurt either.

Do you have a specific call to action for the ROS community?

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Thank you for your comment. The product website is We plan to release all relevant resources later, but for now, we will invite only those who have purchased the developer version of the robot to become members and get access to our github to better management and grow the community.


At the moment we really would appreciate if the community could give us feedback on the idea, and maybe give some insides what might be beneficial for them and what they would like to see in a project like ours.

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Do I hear you are looking for Beta testers?
I got the fully autonomous Maicat on kickstarter & can’t wait to use it!

I have so many ideas (management consultant in the tech industry). @macroact anything specific you’re looking for feedback on?

IMO you should (if possible) look into apps that help people w cognitive issues (dementia, ADHD, etc) with memory. Having a reminder on your phone is NOT the same as having your robo-Kitty head butt you and tell you to take your medicine/pay the cable bill/etc.

There is a lot of dialogue in the US right now about marketing AI pets to older people who live alone as companions that don’t crap on the rug and/or can alert an emergency contact if need be.

What I would like to see as a future Maicat owner is some kind of tutorials/direction for what about ROS2 we should be learning.

Thank you for your suppoert and great to have you on board!

Thank you, @Struthiomimus for sharing your ideas. Your insights are greatly appreciated. I agree that exploring apps to assist individuals with cognitive issues like dementia and ADHD can be highly valuable. You are absolutely right, that personal interactions provided by AI pets goes beyond simple reminders on a phone, and is something we are working on with our robot. We believe that mobile robots are a viable solution for older individuals living alone, offering both emotional support and safety features, and it’s a conversation that aligns perfectly with our goal of facilitating independent living and improving the lives of those with cognitive issues and the elderly.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. I look forward to the potential of collaborating further on this important topic!

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@Struthiomimus We are working on creating resources to help you and will later provide tutorials to assist you in getting started.

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