Kappe, the new MCAP migration and cutting tool.

You’re all too familiar with the headaches of dealing with corrupted logdata, continuous recordings in need of splitting, incorrect transformations, deprecated topic names, wrong timestamps… the list goes on.

We absolutly love the MCAP container! Today, we’re open-sourcing our proprietary tool, kappe! :tada:
Kappe is a painless, efficient data migration tool. Designed to convert and split ROS2 MCAP files seamlessly.

Every star and contribution is super welcome!
FYI you can also add proprietary plugins to fit you specific needs.

:link: GitHub: GitHub - sensmore/kappe: Kappe is an efficient data migration tool designed to seamlessly convert and split MCAP files.
:link: PyPI: kappe · PyPI


I think you misspelled it, its spelled Knapp :wink: @emersonknapp

But in all seriousness, this looks great!

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@Bjarne_Johannsen thanks for sharing :heart: . I love MCAP and it is great to see tools like this being released.

Spoiler alert, I am planning to create a similar tool, but as a GUI, similar to this one I did in the past.


Thanks for sharing the library. I havent much exposure to MCAP Container format but am excited about the work your team has achieved. These are common issues people deal with when working with bag files. I will definitely use this in my research work.

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