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LAST CALL: In-person ROS2 Industrial Training in Barcelona

Get ROS2 Industrial Ready: ROS2 Basics + ROS2 Nav2 + Manipulation with Movelt2

Dear ROS developers, understanding how ROS2 works is becoming a MUST.

ROS2 is expected to fully replace ROS1 by 2023. The Galactic distribution released in May 2021 shows ROS2 is very mature and ready for real-world applications.

In this five-day ROS2 training, learn how to program robots with ROS 2 Galactic, including navigation and grasping.

Participants will practice with robot simulations and then with real robots to test their programs live.


  • Creation of ROS2 packages
  • Management of the new Colcon universal building system
  • Topic publishers and subscribers in ROS2 Python
  • Nodes management: life cycle, executors and callback groups
  • Services and actions
  • Hybrid application with ROS1 and ROS2
  • Use of debugging tools in ROS2
  • ROS2 Mapping
  • ROS2 Localization
  • ROS2 Path Planning
  • ROS2 + DDS
  • Create and configure a MoveIt2 package for a robotic arm
  • Perform ROS2 Motion Planning & Grasping



  • Knowledge of Python Programming language
  • Basic understanding of Linux Ubuntu Operating System
  • Knowledge of ROS1 (recommended but not required)

Language : English
Programming Language : Python



  • ROS developers that want to transition to ROS2
  • Researchers focusing their research on ROS2
  • Engineers or CTOs who want to build scalable robotics products, faster.


Day 1 - ROS2 Fundamentals

Topic 1 Understanding Basic ROS2 Concepts

  • Structure and launch ROS2 programs (packages and launch files)
  • Create basic ROS2 programs (Python-based)
  • Understand basic ROS2 concepts: Nodes, Client Libraries, etc.

Topic 2 ROS2 Topics

  • Topic Subscribers
  • Topic Publishers
  • Interfaces
  • Management of nodes

Topic 3 ROS2 Debugging Tools

  • Use logs in ROS2
  • RViz2 debugging tool
  • ROS2 doctor

Day 2: ROS2 Advanced Topics

  • ROS2 DDS
  • ROS2 Services
  • ROS2 Actions
  • ROS1_Bridge

Day 3: ROS2 Nav2

  • ROS2 Mapping
  • ROS2 Localization
  • ROS2 Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance

Day 4: ROS2 Nav2 Advanced Features & Manipulation

Topic 1 ROS2 Nav2 Galactic Functionality

  • Waypoint Task Executors
  • Speed Limited Zones
  • Keep out zones

Topic 2 Arm Navigation with MoveIt2

  • Configure a Moveit2 package for a robotic arm
  • Programatically perform motion planning

Day 5: Grasping

  • Use perception to detect object location
  • Grasp object


The Construct, in cooperation with Robotnik Automation.


Regular registration comes to a close TODAY. We highly encourage you to register today to save your seat (and some money) :point_right:

Due to a massive request, we have opened the option to ATTEND ONLINE. Learn the same content as in-person training, and connect remotely from your location to our warehouse robots and practice with them. Register here:

The Get ROS2 Industrial Ready On-Site Workshop was successfully held in Barcelona last week! If you missed it, don’t worry, we will repeat the Workshop online on 2021-10-24T22:00:00Z2021-10-28T22:00:00Z.

On-line seats include training with the real robots, accessing them remotely using the technology we developed for our remote real robot labs.

Save your seat now: