New ROS online courses: Advanced ROS2 Navigation

Dear ROS developers, we just released a new ROS course - Advanced ROS2 Navigation.
Here are the course description and link:

New course: Advanced ROS2 Navigation

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Take a deeper look at Navigation for ROS2 You will learn:

  • How to use the Simple Commander API
  • How to use Costmap Filters
  • An explanation of the BT Navigator
  • How to create a custom behavior
  • How to use Groot for visualizing behaviors
  • How plugins are used in Nav2
  • How to create custom plugins for Nav2
  • The three main plugins of the controller server

You will learn this course by practicing with a simulated Neobotix MP-400 robot:

Fun fact, the Simple Commander was a tool I created for The Construct’s ROS Developer’s Day Conference last year to make creating easy-to-understand demos using Nav2 :wink: