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Real-time Neural Visualization with ROS interface for Explainable AI and Robotics

If you are searching for real-time visualization of neural networks with ROS interface.
You may check NeuroVis

NeuroVis is a neural dynamic visualizer that connects to the robot operating system (ROS). It acts as a ROS node named “NeuroVis” that receives six topics as inputs: neuron name, connection, updated weight, neuron activity, normalization gain, and bias (some of them are optional); therefore, the visualizer is compatible with ROS-supported programming languages, including C++, python, and Lua. In addition, the program can be employed along with a simulation, such as CoppeliaSim (VREP), and operate in parallel to the real robot.

The code can be seen at zumoarthicha / NeuroVis · GitLab

The detail of NeuroVis can be seen at Frontiers | NeuroVis: Real-Time Neural Information Measurement and Visualization of Embodied Neural Systems | Frontiers in Neural Circuits


This is really cool. With a little bit of work this can be used to visualize a neural net in 3D as fireworks. Great work.

Thank you Osilva. You are right… We are now planning to extend it into 3D which will be released, once it has been ready… :blush: