Preparing for Foxy Fitzroy End-of-Life

Our long running ROS 2 release is set to the end of its lifecycle of three years. As we prepare for our new release Iron Irwini, we are preparing to say goodbye to our long-term support (LTS) release Foxy Fitzroy.

So if you’re a package maintainer, get your packages up to date and add the latest releases to rosdistro. Similarly, if you see any major blocking issues, please file a report or preferably submit a quick fix for it.

The final patch release and sync will be in mid-June, meaning that all patches/package updates need to be completed by the first week of June.

I would try my best to get all your work in before the deadline. Feel free to directly tag me or just link the pull request/issue here as a comment to this post!

Any chance you could get a backport of these two PRs merged before the final patch?

They were originally done for foxy so a backport should be possible with little effort.
If you want I can also create the PRs.


Thanks @StefanFabian please do create the PRs, I’ll get them in!

Thank you @quarkytale :blush:
I’ve created backport PRs:



Do you know if there is anything similar happening for Melodic End-of-Life?

Yes, I’ll be sending out an announcement today.

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