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ROS World Program Announced

Hi All,

I just posted the ROS World program on the ROS World website. No one wants to sit on a Zoom call all day, so we’re keeping it short and sweet this year, just six hours, with a parallel track that should allow you to get an update from your favorite ROS sub-community. Don’t worry if you miss something, or the timezone is really hard for you, everything will be recorded and posted after the event.

Here are the highlights from this year program.

To accommodate the growing number of ROS sub-communities we will have six parallel ninety minutes tracks each focused on a different topic. These tracks are curated by the various ROS sub-communities. The current list of parallel sessions include:

I am really excited by the parallel tracks; and in particular I super excited to see OpenCV and ROS working together again.

For the full list of speaker details please see the official schedule.

Just as a reminder we are still looking for short lightning talk videos! You have less than a week to submit a video for ROS World. I looked at the submissions today and still totally have room for more. You can get all the details here.

I also want to remind everyone that ROS World is free but you need to register. If you want to help us out please purchase a ROS World t-shirt (they’re really cool).

Finally, I want to thank our ROS World Sponsors! Their generous support has helped to make this event free for everyone. We couldn’t do it without them.

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GREAT lineup! And awesome sponsors!

Thx for the reminder on submitting a video, gotta get on it!

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Drone Code…so excited for this event…

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What time zone are the times in the “ROS World 2020 Schedule”?

It looks like some of the times are not accurate, or maybe some are set by browser timezone and others aren’t?

I think everything defaults to US central time. There is a timezone widget on the left hand side of the desktop website. Maybe try viewing it in desktop mode.

interesting, that doesn’t show up in firefox or safari on mac at

(But yes, it looks like the event descriptions have times that are fixed to Central, whereas the calendar app has a variable timezone)


Firefox on Windows shows the timezone widget.