ROS News for the Week of January 10th, 2022

ROS News for the Week of January 10th, 2022

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ROS was all over TV this week, as Spot was featured in the new Katy Perry music video and Savioke was on The Late Show

Not to be outdone the Indy Autonomous Challenge was on CNN Business and in Autoweek

Nimble and Plus One Robotics were in the Wall Street Journal




ROS Questions


We’re not really in the business of recommending hardware, but this 0.7kg laptop with modules for USB-A, RS-232, and KVM, looks mighty handy for field robotics.


What has a payload-less Spot have in common with ROS? Or do you have some background info that ROS was used to control the Spot wirelessly when making the clip? Or did Boston Dynamics start using ROS internally on the Spot? :smiley:

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