Ros2_control hardware_interface for Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo Bonnet for Raspberry Pi (PCA9685)

I have created a hardware_interface which interfaces with the PCA9685, a 16-channel PWM driver, which communicates via I2C. It is used in these Adafruit products:

With this driver you can connect your shield/hats/bonnets to the i2c port of your Raspberry Pi (or similar single board computer) and use them in conjunction with ros2_control framework.

This repo is using a modified version of this library, GitHub - barulicm/PiPCA9685: C++ and Python Library for PCA9685 chips and the Raspberry Pi, to communicate via I2C with a PCA9685. Thank you, barulicm (Matthew Barulic) · GitHub.

Here is the link to our repository which contains the hardware_interface as one package and an example how to use joint_group_velocity_controller to send commands to it in another package: GitHub - rosblox/pca9685_ros2_control

And here is a link to a repo which packages the above repo in a Docker image: GitHub - rosblox/ros-pca9685-ros2-control. Clone the repo, execute ./ to build the image, execute ./ to start a container from the image, type run (an alias) to start the launch file with from the example controller.

Please note, that this is in a proof-of-concept state. I plan to potentially use this shield to teleoperate a skid-steered rover which is implemented with a pca9685.

Thank you for your inspirational videos, ArticulatedRobotics,


I was reading your post thinking “ooh nice, I’ve been meaning to try connecting ROS to a PCA9685” (I was originally going to have servo control of the camera on my mobile robot) and was pleasantly surprised once I got to the last line!

It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling not just when people are inspired to go and make something, but especially when they contribute back to the community, so thanks! :smiley:

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This is awesome!
I updated Dheera’s ROS1 PCA9685 node to ROS2 over here, but I never got my head around the controllers interface. If I ever get back to maintaining mine, I’ll probably turn it into convenience wrappers for yours

I typically use the PCA9685 for servo control or hobby ESCs (skid steer), and I found that having a channel mixer was extremely useful for just hacking around, I imagine that mixer can be turned into an actual controller layer now

Thanks for the package!

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Awesome project!

Are your drivers already featured here?
Why not? :wink:

In the top-right you can find an “edit on github” button.

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@maxpol - This is such a huge help! I have watched pretty much every video from @joshnewans (Thanks Josh - amazing stuff!), but my bot uses a PCA9685 expansion board, and was desperately stuck on the hardware interface for ROS2. Looking forward to digging into this and hopefully getting my bot to actually move!



Thanks for your kind words @joshnewans, @BrettRD and @ecastelli.

@bmagyar I have created a PR to add it to the ros2_control documentation. It’d be great if this would be used by more people and we could gradually expand the hardware_interface’s features for the PCA9685. Thanks for the suggestion.