GAZEBO Simulation Case of AgileX Robotics mobile chassis with ROS2 ready

Hi developer, AgileX Robotics’ SCOUT 2.0,the all-round four-wheel driven unmanned ground mobile robot chassis, is upgraded to support ROS2 and has its own open-source gazebos simulation model.

Here are the GAZEBO Simulation cases including autonomous driving 'Follow me’, Autonomous navigation and auto SLAM, made by Professor Qi Xianyu at Bionic Mobile Robotics Lab of Beihang University.

Check out Gazebo model of SCOUT 2.0
Learn more about Scout 2.0

Thanks for your time and welcome to join our open-source community.


Is the ‘follow me’ example offered in simulation? The link in the repo is with ROS Melodic.

Just as a heads-up: your video link is for someone to log in and edit the video. You probably want this link instead.

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