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Hadabot: Wheel velocity using encoders and an ESP32 running MicroPython

Hi All,

Odometry is materializing for the Hadabot kit - slowly but surely?!

Read the new Hadabot post showcasing the use of wheel encoders to compute rotational velocity using an ESP32 running MicroPython, communicating with a ROS2 system running as Docker containers.

For those unfamiliar with my Hadabot effort - Hadabot is a robot kit to learn ROS 2 and robotics. It’s meant for software engineers who never had formal robotics training yet want to learn robotics concepts through learning and building.

My goal is to make a robot kit that is economical, easy to build, easy to set up, and emphasizes a web-browser interface to ensure a consistent user experience.

The new Hadabot kit targeting ROS 2 is currently in development. I am posting my progress regularly through the Hadabot blog.

Sign up from the blog to stay in touch for updates!

As usual, love to hear feedback, suggestions, encouragements (discouragements).

Thanks and happy building!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”

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