Kidnapped Robot? Get it back with Isaac ROS Map Localization (webinar)

Ever wake up and wonder where you are? No recollection of how you got there. Your saved state of where you were not match your current location.

That’s what it’s like to step into the shoes wheels :wheel: of your robot, as it experiences the kidnapped robot problem.

On June 6th at 8am PDT, we will be hosting a free webinar on using Isaac ROS Map Localization with Nav2.


Before a robot can navigate, it needs to know where it is. Map Localization provides a GPU accelerated package to provide the initial pose of the robot on the map in under half a second. This can remove the need to specify the position of the robot manually on start (30+ seconds in RVIZ), and when the robot is moved while powered off.

Register for the webinar here to watch live, or on demand after live stream has completed.