ROS 2 tutorial on navigation

Hi everyone,

Another part of ROS 2 Tutorials, focusing on the topic of navigation, is now available on our website: ROS 2 Tutorial | Navigation | Husarion

This tutorial provides insights into the theoretical foundations of navigation, along with practical examples using the nav2 package. You can execute these examples on a physical ROSbot XL or in a Gazebo simulation. We strongly recommend completing our earlier tutorials on robot kinematics, transformation and SLAM before moving on to navigation, as this chapter builds upon the knowledge gained from previous tutorials.

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Interested! Is this Gazebo Fortress (the new one) or the old Gazebo?

The ‘new one’ is at Harmonic in the meantime…

Fortress still uses the ‘Ignition’ name, for new projects I’d definitely recommend to use Harmonic instead.

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It’s Gazebo Fortress :wink: The tutorial can also be deployed on a physical robot.