Probabilistic Robotics labs, exercises with Hadabot

Hi All,

First off - for those unfamiliar with my Hadabot effort - Hadabot is a low-cost robot kit for software engineers, students, hobbyists, and makers to learn ROS 2 and robotics.

I bet most peeps here know of the seminal textbook Probabilistic Robotics.

I have started to “port” the labs from Dr Wolfram Burgard’s online curricula on Probabilistic Robotics to use ROS 2, Python, Jupyter Labs, etc…

My goal is to create a hands-on environment for students to learn robotics, specifically probabilistic robotics, ideally using their own robot - ie the Hadabot robot kit.

Additionally, Dr Carlotta Berry is also currently publishing her own “Advanced Mobile Robotics for Autonomous Vehicles” MOOC online lessons which parallel Dr. Burgard’s syllabus.

I am working closely with Dr. Berry to ensure that my lab “ports” are relevant and consistent with her course.

You can find more resource links and read more about my Probabilistic Robotics effort in my latest blog post.

Most exercises do not require a robot kit, which means it’s FREE. So I welcome people to go check it out. Again, details in the blog post.

As usual, always love to hear the community’s thoughts and feedback.

Additionally, if you are a professor, or know of one interested in adding ROS to your curriculum, please reach out. I am more than happy to do the heavy lifting of content / lesson creation!!

Thanks and happy building / learning!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”