The ROS 2 bridge of the smart furniture robot "Kachaka"

Hi, I’m Yutaka Kondo from Preferred Robotics.
Today I would like to introduce the ROS 2 bridge of the smart furniture robot “Kachaka.”

As you may already know Kachaka is a completely new platform-based home robot.
The ways to use Kachaka expand with the types of furniture and household tasks.

Although it is a Japanese product, we are aiming for sales in America next year and are working on internationalization and compliance with certification standards.

ROS 2 bridge
We have also released a reference implementation of the ROS 2 bridge using the developer API of Kachaka.

Using this ROS 2 bridge, Kachaka can be treated as a ROS 2 mobile robot in a similar way to Turtlebots.
Please see the ROSCon JP 2023 presentation below. Kachaka moved by Nav 2.

English information

  • IEEE Spectrum article:
  • CES 2023 demonstration (smart home integration):
  • ChatGPT integration

Yutaka Kondo, Ph. D.
Engineer, Preferred Robotics, Inc.


In fact, from December 4th to 8th, I will be visiting the Silicon Valley area with several Kachaka units. If anyone is interested in Kachaka, please contact me. We can do demonstrations, business discussions, or even mini hackathons. I’m available any time from morning to night during that period!

Interesting concept.

The robot furniture concept reminded me to what the Ori guys have been doing for a while, but at a smaller scale at this point, it appears.

Would love to see this growing into ROS 2 integrated furniture that can be purchased!

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Wow, The Ori products are great!
Japanese companies and research institutions use Kachaka as an available Turtlebot because of its consumer product characteristics.