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New Release of bota_driver for Bota Systems Force-Torque Sensors

Bota Systems recently released a new version of the ROS driver for its force-torque sensors.

The bota_driver package provides the drivers for Bota Systems 6-axis force-torque sensors Medusa, Rokubi, SensONE, LaxONE and future products. The sensors have completely integrated electronics, are specifically designed for collaborative and mobile robotics, and can be used for real-time control applications.

Following are given the most important sensor specifications:

  • Compact design (weight 110-220g)
  • Range up to 500 N (Fxy), 1200 N (Fz), 15 Nm (Mxy), 12 Nm (Mz)
  • High-resolution up to 0.03 N (forces) / 0.0004 Nm (torques)
  • Sampling rate up to 1000 Hz
  • Communication interface: Serial or EtherCAT
  • 6 DoF IMU (only EtherCAT sensors)
  • 3x mounting flanges for 3D cameras and tools
  • Dustproof and water-resistant
  • Wide range of operational voltage 9-80V (ethercat only)

The bota_driver package provides all utilities to configure and run the sensor according to your specific needs. To facilitate the integration of the sensor to your robot, example launch files and sensor configurations are provided by the bota_demo package on a separate git repository:

  • Run serial or EtherCAT sensor
  • Load description
  • Configure the filtering
  • Run compensation for sensor and load bias
  • Estimate sensor orientation by internal IMU

Ready-made sensor descriptions and accessories description (xacro macro) can be easily added to your robot description for visualization or simulation.

Bota Systems sensors have simple hardware integration and are compatible with the most common mounting flanges:


For inquiries about Bota Systems force-torque sensor hardware visit or contact the following:

Bota Systems AG
Phone: +41 446 32 78 36

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